Awake Empowered Tapping

Awake Empowered Tapping/EFT is a powerful transformational self-help tool being used by hundreds of thousands of people, and growing world-wide.

Awake Empowered Tapping/EFT is a simple, effective technique that can be learned by anyone. The reason I decided to teach EFT to my coaching clients is because it has made huge positive changes in my life and my health. This is a very powerful technique. Just think about the name. Emotional FREEDOM Techniques. You are literally freeing yourself from limiting beliefs, hurts or fears. It has been very successful in treating issues such as negative emotions, hurts, traumas, fears, physical pain, anxiety, stress, addictive cravings, chronic fatigue and many, many more.

Awake Empowered Tapping/EFT works with the body’s energy system. This subtle energy that runs through the body is carried through tiny pathways called meridians. The Chinese discovered this vital energy 5,000 years ago, they call it Chi. It flows through every part of our body and is part of our life force. In western medicine, this electrical system has been associated with the fight-or-flight autonomic system, the sympathetic nervous system in the body. When you start Tapping on specific acupuncture points, you can actually flip a switch- like an electrical disconnect- and turn off the reaction to something you’re thinking about. Tapping disconnects the thought from the autonomic nervous reaction in the body, which allows the negative emotions to dissipate and get calmer. We are finding that tapping on specific points along these meridians while tuning into a thought or negative emotion can balance the energy disruption that continues to trigger the problem. In other words you no longer have a negative emotional charge on that issue.

It is exciting to see this day after day in our practice. Fears, traumas, limiting beliefs, etc. just simply go away. If I didn’t see it work over and over on myself and clients I wouldn’t believe it. Sometimes issues that would literally take years in traditional therapy, collapse in less than couple sessions. Clearing away these limiting beliefs, negative emotions etc we then can use Tapping and mind/body techniques for achieving what you want to achieve in life. Feeling joyful, love and living life in appreciation and gratitude.



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