T H E   S T R E S S   D O C T O R

In our fast paced, ever-changing world, it’s common place and even considered normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. However, according to research, if high stress levels are not managed, they will negatively impact health, relationships and career.

According to the World Health Organization,
the cost of stress to American business
is between $300 and $450 billion annually.

The Stress Doctor │ Dr. Mitchell Mays

Dr. Mitchell Mays has been treating and educating patients, groups, and businesses on cutting-edge effective ways to manage stress for nearly forty years. If you want better leadership, team performance, sales, customer service and bottom lines, Dr. Mays can help.

The Stress Doctor │ Dr. Mitchell Mays


When you need your event to be a success, you need to rely on your speaker to deliver on their promise.


The Increase Stress of Work Environment Disruption
Cloud technology, communication platforms, IT, knowledge networks, medical technology, and more. The learning curve is frustrating to some and manna to others. Either way, it creates “information overload” and a form of mental chaos. Dr. Mays will teach your team how to stay on task and become immune to the devastating effects technology can have on your business team’s culture and environment.


The Key to Achieving more while Having Fun
In today’s business, organizations that fail to respond effectively to change, whether it be team projects or customer demands are doomed to fail. Dr. Mays teaches your teams how to respond effectively every time, to whatever situation or demand arises to create a harmonious and unified positive response that reflects the company’s vision and major purpose.
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What People are Saying

“In today’s world with all the rapid technology, we can become so overwhelmed… more people should hear
your message”

Mila Hale
 VP of Republican
Women Federated

“Dr. Mays planted the seeds on how to see my goals, how to let it take root & plan for it, now I just feel like it’s gonna happen. He’s Amazing!!!”

Ted Short
Entrepreneur and 
Small Business Owner

“I’ve learned a lot of tools
that I know I can implement
in my life easily… I’m
able to make my
own decisions…”

Adrianne Hope
Blue Shield
of California




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