Mind Gate: Demolish Fear, Overcome Anxiety, and Create the Life You Want

This body of work, as described in this book, has a life of “Its” own. “It” has a vision…. As I was reading my earlier book, I found some discrepancies and I wanted to write the story this book wanted me to tell. Discrepancies aren’t a bad thing and they are all pointing to the same truth, but there are many paths. Some paths may appeal to one person and another path will be more compelling to another person. When this book was completed, I knew there was so much more to tell, but that will have to wait until the next book.

When I sat down to revise my first book, I soon realized what an incredible opportunity it was to express and update my ideas with much more evidence and a few years of experience behind them.

The truth and the plain fact is; I’ve discovered and developed a true ‘working model’ that has the capability to quickly transform lives from hopelessness to happiness and from frustration to passion and I am obliged to tell, “It’s” story!

‘It’ is an energy, a force of some kind that I am beginning to really understand, not only how It works, but also how to use It. But, and here is the exciting part; It is understandable, by most all of the newest of us and…many of the oldest of us.

And now, here is the bad news, for some of you; your intellect can help you, but your intuition will save you!

What I wanted to emphasize in my first book, was the scope and the urgency of the problem. I now recognize that I’d underemphasized the dilemma. In this body of work, my emphasis is not only on the current unnecessary suffering and how widespread it truly is, but that in fact, it is, ‘a clear and present danger’ to our quality of life. The ‘tranced mind state’ that results from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) and leads to Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome is by far, the single fastest immediate threat that we have to our personal environments, our ecology, our biology and even to… our very existence as a species!

The world is not flat. It used to be taught that the sun rotated around the earth, then that the earth rotated around the sun. We now know that the sun and earth revolve around the center of gravity of the earth-sun system.

We need ideas like those contained in these pages to become discussions at our dinner tables and our conference tables. We need them discussed around campfires, in civic groups and in our churches if we are to change our world for the better. And, how that can happen is to get them (these ideas) past the collective mind gate and programmed into the collective subconscious mind. And, I’ll share my secrets as a hypnotherapist and tell you how to do exactly that, if you’re interested but first, I’ll remind you of some hard-earned wisdom I struggle with frequently myself.

Luke4:23; “Physician, heal thyself”


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Customer Book Reviews

Mind Gate is so Empowering!!

Mind Gate is so Empowering!!

You have the ability to take back your life, to choose a life without anxiety and depression by changing the way you think. Just changing your thoughts changes your life and allows you to create the life you only dreamed of!! I appreciate Dr Mays sharing his teaching and perspective, it has empowered me to take back my life! 



I loved this book! Dr. Mays is a gifted author who so graciously shares his knowledge of how to cope with and even overcome anxiety and PTSD. In his book, he provides the tools necessary to heal the mind and break free from the vicious hold of anxiety. I will definitely read more of his great works!

Overcome your Fears!

Overcome your Fears!

To accomplish all that this book promises would usually take up years and years of mental exercise and focus. I recommend reading it to anyone who’s feeling the pressure and anxiety, and all the stress that life brings you, because we all know that everyone feels the heat every once in a while. You could remove that in your life if you follow the advice and concentrate.

Great Concepts!

Great Concepts!

Some great concepts here. The book does a very nice job leading the reader with the key point in mind – Your personality and your life Can be changed. This book has some similarities to other practices such as NLP. There are however more powerful practices out there. Nice move in the right direction.

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Mind Gate eBook Overview

Dr. Mays’ Books

Chapter 1

I was in a depression that I couldn’t seem to shake. I was having shortness of breath and feeling lightheaded a lot. I was also suffering from severe indigestion on a regular basis. On September 22 of that year, I came home from a busy day at the office not feeling well. I’d had heartburn all afternoon and even stopped at the 7–Eleven store on the corner and picked up some Pepto Bismol. It wasn’t helping. So after a light dinner, I went into our bedroom to lie down but was unable to because it made the heartburn worse. Terri was bringing me 7 Up to drink, which gave me some relief, at least for a few minutes at a time. She had gone to bed, but I couldn’t sleep, so I stayed up, sipping on 7 Up and surfing the Internet. The indigestion persisted and then suddenly switched to a burning sensation over my right lower chest area. About four in the morning, I woke Terri from sleep and asked her to drive me to the hospital. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “I think I’m having a heart attack,” …


Chapter 2

I had observed this “tranced” phenomenafor many years in not only my office with my patients, but also in just about everyone else, everywhere else! But until the night of February 23, 2010, when my life would change forever, I did not fully understand how dangerous and devastating it could be. My wife, Terri, and I were getting ready to leave our office near Lake Tahoe in the mountain town of Truckee. It was getting late, and I was feeling significant anxiety because we had a one-hour drive ahead of us to our home, north of Truckee, and it was beginning to snow. I was finishing with my last patient and looking out at the snow from my treatment room window. It was showing no signs of letting up. My heart was beating faster and my face flushed as a feeling of dread began to move from my stomach to my solar plexus.


Chapter 3

When we get too much information and become overloaded or overwhelmed in our natural state (like in caveman days) we would just go to sleep. But we are never (or hardly ever) in a natural state. What if we are unable to go to sleep (like when we are driving in commuter traffic)? Then, we escape into a form of simulated sleep through our fight-or flight
mechanism and become tranced or hypnotic. Just before this occurs, the sympathetic nervous system becomes stimulated, and we might become a little jumpy and jittery as if we’ve had too much coffee. The conscious mind perceives this overload as a potential threat that then triggers our fight-or-flight response! If we can’t fight, which often we cannot, especially if we are driving our car in commuter traffic or we are in the middle of an important meeting, then we will escape (flight) into a waking/walking state of hypnosis (simulated sleep).

The MIND GATE Process of Empowerment Experience the Awesome Power of the Subconscious Mind

Many people have been helped with the Mind Gate work my wife Terri and I do, and even more since the first book was released. So, I was reluctant to take the time to re-write the book when it obviously was doing quite well, as it was.

We have field-tested its mind gate processes with ourselves, with our patients, our clients, and even our distance-clients. We regularly receive emails from all over the world about how the Mind Gate Processes have transformed lives. They write that they have moved from the experience of living in fear and anxiety to living in love, freedom and appreciation. The results obtained aren’t just mind-candy. Real illnesses are resolving and, real bodies who once held those illnesses are being healed, both mentally and physically.

Current neuroscientific research is validating our work and indicating strongly that the mind-body approach to chronic disease is a powerful and viable approach to these disorders.

My second book, Mind Gate: Demolish Fear, Overcome Anxiety and Create the Life You Want expands and fills any missing pieces from this book. However, the mind-body technology and stories from these books will continue to expand and fill in as human consciousness expands.


About the Author

Dr. Mays is the author of #1 International best-selling MIND GATE: Demolish Fear, Overcome Anxiety and Create the Life You Want. He has been a licensed health care provider since 1978 earning his doctorate in Chiropractic health Sciences. He is also a Certified Master Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist. He has employed guided imagery and N.L.P. techniques for pain management since 1987 and as a hypnotherapist and chiropractor has unique insights into the mind-body model of health and healing.

His warm and caring manner is reflected in his unique way of working with his patients/clients to help them overcome and manage fears, phobias, anxiety and chronic pain syndromes. He creates and records self-hypnosis and guided imagery cd for his clients. His main focus is to help his patients create wellness in all areas of their lives utilizing the MIND GATE process he has written about. By “re-learning” a few simple and intuitive mind/body skills his clients achieve self-mastery and empowerment.

Experience: In addition to practicing chiropractic since 1978, as well as a Certified Hypnotherapist and an author — in the mid 1980’s Dr. Mays participated in and taught “transformational” training for his own self-empowerment as well as his patients. His trainings in those days were based on his work as a chiropractor with a focus on mind/body healing techniques. He enjoys speaking to groups about his MIND GATE Processes, Canfield Success Principles and he stresses the importance of knowing intimately your own motivations and stress triggers.

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