The Balloon

The Balloon is an elaborate example of a visualization that opens what I call a ‘portal’ (to higher consciousness) or what some esoteric orders call the Gateway to Heaven. A ‘portal’ is an opening into the higher levels of consciousness, namely positive emotions that invoke our higher power or source to flow through our lives unimpeded.
When we keep this ‘portal’ open, everything we have ever wanted that is an emotional match to the ‘portal’ (positive emotions), such as Happiness showing up as a new puppy, or whatever, will manifest in your physical reality. I wrote The Balloon story as a guided imagery to use specifically for those who have a working knowledge of the emotional tone scale. I was doing the Mind Gate process one morning when this story came to me in a vision.
After being deep in a trance for nearly two hours, I came out of self-hypnosis with a warm feeling throughout my body that cannot be described as anything other than pure Love and Appreciation. I was so moved that I asked Terri to listen as I described, in as much detail as I could remember, the vision I experienced.
So, as you listen, VISUALIZE THE STORY. Your imagination will begin forming pictures automatically as you lie back, relax, breathe and listen, so take your time. Go slow and savor the pictures and feelings that come up for you. Remember to incorporate as many of the five physical senses as possible. For example; the smell of the carpet of dew- covered clover. The sound of the breeze or honking of the flock of geese are senses that the imagination can create to make it real to the subconscious. Our imagination can do so much more than just visualize in ‘Technicolor’.
You can fly up the emotional tone scale easily for a few minutes at a time if you use your imagination to create something beautiful. ‘The Balloon’ is imagery that came to me as a ‘psychic download’ from a higher source. It is a way to speak to our Subconscious mind in symbols. It speaks of the lower emotional tones as weights (sandbags) that tie us down.
And, it is a powerful suggestion to our Subconscious mind to let go of the things (programs) that keep us from experiencing all the higher emotional feelings. Feelings of Happiness and Love are all things that we all crave as human beings, and by using our imagination, these feelings can be there for us to experience any time we want! Enjoy!

This recording is hypnotic so do not play in a vehicle.

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