The God List

This is a process you will want to use every day for the rest of your life, it moves negative energy – I call it The God List. You can call it Higher Power List, the Universe List, the Force or My Higher-Self List, whatever you’d like. It doesn’t matter what you call it just as long as you have some belief that there exist a power somewhere that knows a lot more than your own Conscious mind. Anything that is occupying space in your conscious mind as worry or concern affects the flow of good into your life. You know all the worry and concerns your monkey mind is trying to figure out with your conscious mind.

Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left side write the word “me” in lower case letters, indicating less intelligence or powerlessness. On the right side write “GOD” UNIVERSE, HIGHER-SELF or THE FORCE in upper case letters, indicating unlimited intelligence and power. Then under “me” write two or three things you can do today, (for sure). It could be as simple as eat breakfast, call the power company. On the right side under GOD (or whatever you prefer) write anything that worries you, such as “money to pay the rent” or “my low back pain” or “conflict with my child, spouse, boss” etc. The point is by writing down the worry or concern you are using your Subconscious mind. Writing is what hypnotherapist and handwriting experts call an ideomotor response. An ideomotor response is something you have practiced over and over like tying your shoes now involves very little conscious effort, which means it comes largely from the subconscious. This sends a powerful message to your subconscious mind that you are turning these concerns to a higher power so it can stop bubbling up negative messages in our conscious mind. You will be amazed how fast this works. I regularly get emails from people after teaching this process, sharing with me incredible stories, almost short of miracles. I invite you to please email me your experience using the God List.

You can also use it on goals you want to achieve or literally anything you want handled. The idea here is to get your monkey mind to stop its incessant chatter and let the higher Source deal with it. This is something that is great to do either before going to sleep or first in the morning. I carry a pocket notebook with me to add things to GOD’s list through-out the day. (me) fill car with gas (GOD) need new tires for car.

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