Why Do You Need to Write Down Your Goals?

I’ve set goals for over forty years and yet, I’ve only lately written them down. Why? Well, as I began teaching Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, I realized that things have always come easily to me but they have come with a lot of other stuff I didn’t necessarily want. I have always been very good at visualizing what I’ve wanted and have been able to see in my mind’s eye the outcome of what I wanted to create. But, by not being specific as to what and when I would attain the outcome I wanted, I would “kinda get what I wanted” but with often a whole lot of drama that I didn’t foresee.
What drama you may ask? All the drama that comes with life in general such as people who need things from us, situations that require immediate action like; calling the plumber to stop the leak or running to the Outpatient Clinic for help when a serious cough or fever requires attention. In other words, I would be easily distracted and get thrown off course. Written goals keep me on course and then the feedback I get becomes useful instead of distracting!
You see, I didn’t realize what a goal-seeking mechanism the sub-conscious mind was until I began to write down my goals like Jack Canfield teaches. I should have known this because I been teaching this to my own clients for years but for some odd reason, I didn’t apply it to my life. Why didn’t I apply it to my own life. Until I uncovered a hidden sabotage program that my wife and EFT Practitioner, Terri helped me Tap through, I didn’t realize how sneaky and all-pervasive some of these programs are. This program came from my mother and was underlying another program so stayed repressed and under the radar…but no longer.
Why would I not have seen this sooner? Maybe because I was relying too heavily on the law of attraction and The God List process. My entire first book was basically about the law of attraction! In fact, my entire premise for MIND GATE; Experience the Awesome Power of Your Subconscious Mind was about the law of attraction as it relates to the Emotional Tone Scale.
And, I was not wrong, however, I was incomplete in my teaching that all one had to do was to work on getting oneself into the vibration of a higher emotional tone and one would attract everything needed to create a joyful life. It is true that if you can come from a philosophy of “non-dualism”, in other words living out of the premise and ideology that ‘everything is exactly as it is supposed to be’, then “feeling” joy or at least hopeful will create a “like” reality in your experience and will become manifest in your life. And it will, but, you’ll have to become completely okay with “what is”. And, that is doable! Is it easy? Hell no! If you are willing to be completely okay with what shows up in your life and accept that, that is what was supposed to show up, then I would suggest you follow Byron Katye’s teachings.
However, if you’d prefer to have something specific manifest in your life, like more income or other goals, then following the teachings of Jack Canfield or us will get you there. So, how does that work?
Create a vision or picture of what you want. This is no easy matter because it requires some work and meditation time. Write down a specific goal. We call these S.M.A.R.T. goals. In other words, they must be;
1. Specific
2. Measurable by you or someone else.
3. Achievable (and believable by you).
4. Realistic.
5. Time -sensitive.
Since I have been writing my SMART goals, I have broken through barriers and ceilings that were my limiting beliefs and I am here to tell you that “goal-setting” works but you have to add a couple of other ingredients to the recipe to create a masterpiece! Stay tuned for more.